Veronica’s Nap

Veronica Berg has everything she needs to make her dream of becoming a painter come true: a charming home studio in Provence, a hard-working husband and a nanny who watches her two-year-old twins. Yet instead of painting she spends her days secretly indulging in lengthy naps. When her Moroccan-born, Sephardic husband grows impatient and challenges her to sell one painting, Veronica must find a way to break out of the seductive rut that’s overtaken her life. Against the backdrop of the impending Iraq war, her journey reveals depression’s sunny mask and the dark side of privilege and security.

With a cast of Moroccan, Sephardic characters, Veronica’s Nap also gives a rare look at contemporary Jewish life in France.

“Sharon Bially speaks with eloquence to the hopes, the dreams and the fears we all share but often dare not express.” —National Book Award winner Han Nolan.

“A delicious cream-cake of a page-turner.” —Critically-acclaimed author Sophie Powell.

“Thoroughly addictive reading.” —Michelle Seaton, Pushcart Prize nominee and co-author of The Way of Boys.